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ACE-FX NEWS: Our handy Office Delivery Service

Making your holiday money that bit easier, one step at a time…

Found yourself with an endless holiday to-do list and no time to complete it?

Forgot to organise holiday money the day before you’re meant to be flying?

No time to leave the office to come and pick it up?

No problem. No stress!

On our mission to make every aspect of your travel - and particularly your travel money - as simple and straightforward as possible, at ACE-FX we’ve launched a brand new service, making things that little bit easier - an office delivery service for locations across the London Bridge and Canary Wharf areas.

With summer vacations on our minds, and promises of warmer times dancing on the breeze, we’ve launched our new service just in time for the holiday season. Forget the frantic rush before you leave, and make things even simpler by ordering online on our website, or on our AIRGOFX APP, and having your currency delivered straight to your office.

One of the best parts about our new currency delivery service? You can order any time, and we’ll get your currency to you that very same day. And for a small £3 delivery fee, whatever your location.

Plus, whether you come in to one of our London Bridge or Canary Wharf stores, or order the currency for delivery to your office or home - you’ll always get our first-class, competitive exchange rates. Of that, we guarantee.

Research into the amount of money people lose each year by failing to sort their travel money out in time for their trip is shocking. The Post Office calculated that a staggering 21m is wasted every year by people forgetting to order currency in time, and leaving it to the airport bureaus - where fees are extortionate and some of the worst exchange rates can be found. This is not to mention the money spent abroad when people are forced to use their credit cards in restaurants and in order to withdraw money from ATMs.

Part of our aim to not only provide the best and fairest rates in the UK, but to ensure that all of our customers make the wisest decisions when it comes to currency exchange, is helping you to avoid these situations.

So as well as offering home delivery, office delivery seemed to be the next logical step. You don't need to wait at home for the last minute delivery, and you can get your currency the same day as your flight without having to step foot out of the office.

It may sound too good to be true - but this time, it isn't.

Head over to our website now to check our latest exchange rates, and get your currency order in before your next holiday. For more information on the office areas we deliver currency to, click here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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