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Currency Exchange Rates and Travel Update

Travel updates change almost immediately as websites post them! If you are having second thoughts about international travel, we understand your confusion. One day you can travel to a certain destination and the next day you can't. Turkey was the most popular destination, among very few countries that were open for British tourists last summer, for several reasons.

One of the reasons that made Turkey so attractive was an extremely favourable exchange rate of the Turkish lira. Unfortunately, Turkey was removed from the travel corridor list in September 2020. This happened with numerous countries in Europe throughout the summer, which made travelling almost impossible. So are there any travel options left? Ace-FX has the answers!

The Canary Islands

Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Tenerife (three of the Canary Islands) are some of the most popular winter destinations. So, if you would like to spend Christmas or a few weeks in January here, we’ve got some good news for you! Visiting the Islands means not having to self-isolate upon return! Please note, though, that you should get a Covid-19 Fit to Fly Test and certificate before the trip. The Canary Islands use euros so make sure you prepare your holiday money before flying out to your destination.

Other Countries on the Travel Corridor List

Denmark, Cyprus, and Finland are among other countries you can travel to during this period. However, although Finland is on the UK's list, the Finns won't let anyone enter the country except for their citizens.

Safe Travel

If you are lucky enough to travel anywhere this winter, whether for holidays or business, you should check the Government's guidance on safe air travel. Although airlines have already taken care of most safety measures, you should do your best to remain responsible and follow strict rules on air travel. Some of the measures you should comply with include:

  • Keeping your distance,
  • Avoiding crowds at the airports,
  • Avoiding the busiest departure times,
  • Washing your hands.

Please do not travel if you:

  • Are self-isolating,
  • Are experiencing any symptoms (high temperature, dry cough, loss of smell or taste),
  • Have been in contact with a person who has been tested positive for Coronavirus.

Currency Update

What is happening with the euro and lira exchange rates?

Angela Merkel announced that Germany’s coronavirus restrictions will be extended until January 2021, which means this country is about to slip into a major recession. The EUR/GBP rate is currently trading at €1.1217.

The Turkish lira has been experiencing a significant rise. If you want to buy liras, you can get 10 per pound. Just a month ago, you could get 7 liras to the pound. Would you like to trade some pounds for liras? Contact us!


Please take note the UK Government regularly make changes to the travel corridor and travel restrictions. If you want to stay posted about the latest travel news and currency updates, please regularly check in to our blog. Other than that, if your winter holiday is still an option, keep in mind that we offer the best currency exchange rates in the UK. You can collect your money from one of our branches or get it delivered to your door. Contact us for more info!

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