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Business Transfers

Save money on making payments abroad with a multi currency business account.

We offer a range of FX solutions for overseas transfers in more than 50 different currencies to send money to over 190 countries.

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A money transfer partner your business can rely on


Range of Solutions

We offer a range of different products and solutions to suit any business requirements.


Industry Expertise

You can trust our team of experts, we’ve been doing it 40 years.

health check

FX Health Check

Get a free FX health check, we calculate the margin you are currently being charged and look at ways to improve this for you.

dedicated manager

Account Manager

You get a dedicated account manager to help you with your account set up and management.

risk management

Risk Management

Our experts help you manage your risk and market exposure to ensure you are always one step ahead.

worldwide locations

Send to 190 countries

Make payments to over 190 countries worldwide. Contact us for a full list if required.

Ways to send money

Make international payments your way.



Access and manage your multi-currency business plaform online via any modern web browser.


Via App

Manage your money while on the move, you can download an app on iOS or Android.


By Phone

Pick up the phone and speak directly to your account manager and traders, we give you direct access.

We offer a range of services to help your business.

Our services and solutions can be tailored to your business, here are some of the most common products we provide businesses.

Spot Contracts

A spot contract is an agreement between you and your FX provider to exchange money and buy foreign currency at the present exchange rate and can be used for imminent payments.

Market Orders

If you don't want to make an immediate transfer and you think the market exchange rate for your currency will improve you can easily attempt to achieve a better exchange rate with a market order.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts protect your business against adverse currency movements by locking into favourable exchange rates. You pay a deposit and you can secure the current exchange rate for a payment made at any time within the next 24 months.

A forward contract is useful if you have future commitments for an overseas payment, such as a stock order from an international supplier. You can make sure that the rate doesn’t move against you.

Currency Options

You are not obliged to deal at your pre-specified rate and can choose to deal in the spot market, whichever is more favourable. For the extra flexibility that Options can provide there can be extra charges or premiums, depending on the contract type.

Foreign exchange options can be taken out on any major currency for a period of anywhere between one week and two years.

Does your business send international payments?

Online platform at your finger tips

Access and manage your money using Moneycorp’s state of the art platform which is easy to use and provided with daily support.

Online platform at your finger tips

Access and manage your money using Moneycorp’s state of the art platform which is easy to use and provided with daily support.

  • icon eye View and verify the details of all your recipients in a single view
  • icon globe Fund your account with up to 34 currencies online (more via phone)
  • icon download Export all past payments into a spreadsheet
  • icon mouse-cursor Single click payments
  • icon bulk Bulk payments using secure template on pre-set time
  • icon cheque Our panel of banks bid on your requirement to provide you the best rate

Need help with using the platform? No problem, we provide daily support to help you with any challenges you may face.

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