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5 Countries to Visit by Train

If you are daydreaming about your next travel destination during #coronavirus, any of the following 5 European countries would wish you a warm welcome once travel restrictions are gone. What is more, you don’t have to worry about the carbon footprint as our suggestions are accessible by train! Are you up for an eco-friendly, affordable, high-speed adventure?

1. Switzerland

It takes no more than 8 hours to get to Zurich or St. Moritz. The whole trip from London is rather pleasant and enjoyable as you will have plenty of time to enjoy spectacular views from the train. There is a bunch of budget-friendly tickets, varying between £105 and £148 according to Eurostar.

2. Belgium

Would you ever guess it takes between 2h 20min and 3h 20 min and about £78 to reach Belgium by train? Flying there would take you more time to be honest – airline checks, the flight, looking for a transfer from the airport to your accommodation. Belgium is relatively affordable for tourists and it has a lot to offer to visitors of all ages. Cobbled lanes, chocolate factories, UNESCO Heritage sites – Brussels and Bruges are a lot of fun.

3. Germany

Depending on where you want to go – Cologne or Berlin, you will travel 4 to 9h. Although you would fly to each destination faster, at least you don’t have that much luggage restrictions and tickets cost less (£53 to £112). Yet, seats are comfortable and you can enjoy the gorgeous countryside view along the way. Landmarks, chocolate museums, Reichstag – you can pop over tomost hot spots in both Cologne and Berlin.

4. France

A train from London arrives in Lille in 1h 40min, Paris 2h 16min, and Disneyland 4h 20min (tickets vary from £58 to £87). Would you let down a chance to enjoy the view over the Eiffel Tower as you sip on a glass of wine in a nearby tiny café? You can even take a tour! Start with Lille, then head to Paris, and then to Disneyland. You can do all three in 2 days. That’s what we consider a perfect weekend getaway!

5. Netherlands

The Netherlands is magical in the spring and summertime. Tulip fields, winding canals, bicycles – it is all just 3h 15 min or 3h 50min away if you are travelling to Rotterdam (£100) and Amsterdam (£113). The Netherlands is a perfect blend of nature and the modern world both adults and kids enjoy.

If you like our picks, start planning your next travel right away! Yet, make sure to contact us to collect your travel money beforehand, as we offer the best rates.

Note: Prices can vary depending on the time of the year. All listed prices include return tickets.


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