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Why You Should Never Get Your Holiday Money at the Airport

Have you ever faced a last-minute dash for cash while on holiday? If so, then you must have already got ripped off on airports. Poor airport exchange rates or bank deals are totally preventable. How? Keep on reading and you will learn how to beat both.

Currency fluctuations are the ones to blame for wreaking havoc many people’s holiday money. These fluctuations also affect poor exchange rates and hidden bank costs. All this is due to political events that started back in 2016 – Brexit.

Comparing exchange rates from 2015 when those who were buying euros at airports were getting €1.32 for one pound, airport rates from 2019 were devastating – 98 cents per one pound. These rates can even go worse if you are buying at the airport, but, luckily, you have options.

If you are planning a holiday in times of any kind of political unrest, rest assured you would have to deal with currency fluctuations and poor airport exchange rates. 

To avoid any additional charges, make sure you can use your credit or debit cards abroad and beware of extra charges on withdrawing money from ATMs.

In case you still have a card you used on a previous holiday, chances are you would pay lower or no fees at all and, if you top the card up, you will get some decent exchange rates.

Order your money online

If you are not in a rush, the best way to beat airport currencies is to order your money online. Depending on the amount you are ordering, you may be offered a free next-day currency delivery service. Most providers offer this type of service for orders over £500.

Order at Ace-FX today and you will get a terrific rate. Use our click and collect service and collect it in one of the branches either at London Bridge or Canary Wharf.

Go to the supermarket

But don’t forget to bring your ID with you this time. Larger stores like markets keep the main currencies in their bureaus. This option never fails, especially if your flight is just a couple of hours away.

Say no to airport rates

Airport exchange offices don’t have competition. When you are already there, that means you have no other options. Buying currencies at the airport is convenient, but also expensive. Instead of burning your wallet, make sure to use Ace-Fx to click and collect your money within the next 30 minutes.

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