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7 travel gadgets you need on your next holiday

Who doesn’t love a good gadget? In the modern tech-world that we live in, there are apps and gadgets for almost anything you could think of. When it comes to going abroad, these travel gadgets can come in very handy. Even better? Most of them don’t cost a fortune.

From travel apps that meet your every travel where, when and how, to travel gadgets that will help you avoid luggage chaos and airport charges, read on to discover some of the best gadgets for travel that you should definitely be packing in your suitcase this year.

  1. Enhance your experience with travel apps

Some of the best gadgets for travel are the ones that you can find on your mobile. There are now a huge range of travel apps built to solve your every travel need, whether it’s searching for accommodation, last-minute flights or currency exchange rates – all in one painless swipe. What’s more, the majority of the travel apps are free and pretty good at what they do.

For accommodation, try Airbnb or; if it’s a currency converter you’re after, download our AIRGOFX app (you can also order all your currency there); to avoid missing your flight get yourself Flight Tracker; and for a helpful city guide, there’s Foursquare.

  1. Explore for longer with a battery pack charger

While the idea of going on holiday and leaving your phone at home may be appealing, it’s not always that realistic. Like it or not, we’re committed to our devices, and it’s no different when you go abroad. Often, there’s nothing better than the ability to stay connected – whether it’s to friends, family or work emails – wherever you go. To do this, of course, you need charge.

When you’re constantly on the move, it can be difficult to always find reliable charging points. Plus, sometimes you just want a break from all-things civilisation. That’s where the genius invention of the travel battery pack comes in. There are numerous types you can choose from, most with a sleek, slim design, the ability to fully charge a device 3 or more times and a number of ports for all your different devices.

  1. Stay connected with an apple watch

Up there with the best gadgets for travel, the Apple watch is a handy little travel companion that allows you to take calls in the ocean, stream music wherever you are and even keep on top of your fitness whilst you’re away. And all this without having to bring your phone around with you or worry about dropping it in the sea.

  1. Never miss a beat with wireless headphones

The headphone game has changed in recent years, and there are now a few different makes clamouring for the top spot in serving up your audio. Wireless headphones, such as those made by Sony or Bose, have an abundance of benefits for the traveller. With 20-hour battery life, noise control features and superior designs for long-haul comfort, these could be the perfect buddies for that lengthy journey you’re dreading.

  1. Keep it tidy with a cord and travel gadget organiser

With all these travel gadgets, plugs and wires, things can get a little messy. Who hasn’t tried to retrieve something from their bag and managed to produce a bunch of tangled wires instead? Luckily, someone has come along and solved that with a nifty little travel gadget organiser. There are a number of types to choose from, dependant on your needs and devices. Invest in an organiser to save time, keep your cords tidy and access them with ease.

  1. Avoid airport charges with a luggage scale

We’ve all been there. You arrive at the airport, bags packed, ready to go, only to find your suitcase is too heavy and you need to take things out to get it checked in. Disaster!

A luggage scale enables you to weigh your luggage before you get to the airport to avoid all the kerfuffle. For a small investment, you can save tons of money on extra baggage fees. It’s also small enough that you can take it with you, and check the weight of your bags before your flight home – just to ensure all those souvenirs and presents aren’t weighing you down!

  1. Become a bookworm with a Kindle

Calling all book lovers: we’ve found your perfect travel gadget. These clever devices have become some of the most loved travel accessories. Forget having to decide which book to lug around with you – or taking up valuable suitcase space by bringing a few different books – enjoy an unlimited supply on your Kindle device.

One Kindle can store up to 2,000 books – enough reading for a lifetime – and you can even share your books with family and friends. With great battery life and additional features that allow you to highlight passages and bookmark pages, this could be your new favourite travel companion.

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