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5 of the Best Family Holiday Destinations

Finding a holiday destination that the whole family is happy with can be a tricky feat. The desired location - one with a harmonious balance of decent restaurants, kids activities and relaxing spots - can sometimes seem impossible to find. Or more, impossible to pick out of the great array of travel options available.

To cut through some of this confusion, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top family holiday destinations around the world. We’ve tried to include a range of different kinds of trips - from those more suited to little kids, to those you can bring the teenagers along to; and ones jam-packed with activities to those with more poolside splashing.

1 - Portugal

Portugal is an ideal location for a painless family getaway. Rent a villa in the hills or on the beach and relax! It really is as simple as that. While there are of course the standard mega-complex resorts, a great option is to enjoy Portugal within the comfort of a self-catered villa or house. Lagos, to name but one beautiful Portuguese town, offers many secluded, nature-nested spots where you can rent a lovely villa and dawdle the days away by the pool, with the odd trip to a local market or seafood restaurant.

2 - Sardinia, Italy: “Le Dune”

For kids a little younger, who need a bit more in terms of set activities and games to keep them occupied, Le Dune could be the perfect fit. Reasonably priced as resorts go, Le Dune features six pools, 10 restaurants, and is directly opposite a beautiful coast-line. The best part? Le Dune is home to a huge Village Fantasia kids play area, set among the dunes and equip with kids-only pools, a teepee village and a helter-skelter. They’ll never want to leave!  

3 - Sri Lanka

A holiday in Sri Lanka is guaranteed to have something for everyone, and is particularly well-suited for a slightly older family. From safaris to beaches, temples to tea plantations, luxury resorts to mud-hut stays - a single trip holds a myriad of experiences. The confines of this article forbid a thorough exploration of the magic to be found in Sri Lanka (i.e. you’ll have to do some research), but if you’re looking for an action-packed, cultural and wildlife highlighted holiday, this is the place to go.

4 - Island hopping, Croatia

With a mixture of historical sites, stunning archipelagos, national parks and quaint little seaside towns, Croatia is a great destination for a prolonged, but relaxed, European trip. Perhaps even better: a family camping expedition (there are beach-fronting campsites all across the country and in some national parks). Either way, in Croatia you’ll find the perfect equilibrium of delicious food, water-friendly activities, and on-land historic and cultural explorations.

    5 - Disneyland, Florida

    Disney had to get in there somewhere, didn’t it? An unforgettably magical holiday for the kids, and one they will want to experience at least once! The good thing for parents is that many of the parks have all-inclusive family packages which completely eliminates the pressure of planning and organising activities and accomodation. Plus, you can be sure the kids will be happy and occupied for the entire duration!

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