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Best Winter Holiday Spots Around the World

Being cold is not always that fun. But on some occasions (Christmas) and in some locations (read on), it can actually be something to look forward to.

Christmas is a time for celebration and magic, and there’s something about snow blanketed cities and twinkling lights that make the perfect accomplices to the festivities. So, here are our top winter destination spots around the world - where it’s cold and it’s Christmas and there’s no place you’d rather be!

  1. Lapland, Finland

I’d assume this one goes without saying. (Unless you’ve literally never heard of Christmas before or that guy with the white beard). Either way, you don’t have to believe in Santa to delight in the magical snowy wilderness of Lapland.

  1. New York, USA

Not much beats the Big Apple during winter; featuring snow coated parks, crisp mornings and sparkling lights in every shop front.

  1. Berlin, Germany

The German capital comes into its own during the winter season. Take part in Berlin’s lively December outdoor scene, with countless Christmas markets and endless opportunities for Gluhwein (mulled wine).

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

You’d think the cozy cafes of Amsterdam couldn’t be any more enticing… but they sure can! Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a winter trip and the already picturesque city becomes even more romantic with a little sprinkling of snow.

  1. Disneyland Paris, France

If any place guarantees to do Christmas well, it’s Disneyland. Whatever your age, magic awaits all who visit the Kingdom of Fairy Tales.

I know, I know, I’ve got you all wistful and Christmas-planning and then been sparse with the details! Well, all the more reason to stay tuned, as I will be bringing you a detailed, fun-filled itinerary for each of the mentioned winter destinations over the next few weeks.

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