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What You Need To Remember if You're Going on a Stag or a Hen Do


This time out, we're presenting a list of dos, don't's, and it's up to you's for a great stag or hen do party. The list will also touch on what to expect during this important rite of passage and a few preparations you can make in advance. Because although every good prenuptial bash has a touch of weirdness here and there, you still don't want anything TOO surprising to happen!

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And without further ado, let our list and the madness begin.

Guidelines For a Barely Controlled Frenzy

As stag and hen do initiates already know, a thousand years of specialized lore exists about conjuring the perfect prenuptial bash. And while much of it is arcane, esoteric, and probably magical, here's a cross-section of what we've learned in the shallow end.

It's just a start, but here are the top 15 guidelines for surviving a stag or hen do.

1.Make sure to bring along your sense of humor. There might well be a bit drunken merriment here and there, and you're ill-advised to take things too seriously.

2.On a related note-- remember that during a stag or hen do, nothing is real and everything is permitted.

3.Morality is a fiction. This is the guiding principle of a respectable stag.

4.Bring along a hip flask filled with your favorite spirit. You know why.

5.If possible, keep the pub crawl confined to a small area, preferably one where you can walk everywhere.

6.Barring the above, arrange for safe and reliable transportation.

7.Use the buddy system. Pairing up will keep anyone from getting abandoned and minimize the time spent looking for the poor lad who got lost on his way to the restroom.

8.Pack plenty of clothing. Don't wear anything too fancy as things tend to get spilled and messy, but bring an extra outfit or two, just in case.

9.Make especially sure to pack a few extra pair of underwear. If you don't know why this is, you should probably pack a dozen or so. It's typically the innocent who bear the brunt of the humiliation and cruelty.

10.Arrange an easily located meeting place, just in case anyone gets separated from the group. No, not just in case. It'll happen and you have to be ready for a disappearance or two if you don't want to get the authorities involved.

11.Bring along a hard copy of a map and an itinerary. Then ridicule whoever carries them mercilessly.

12.Don't count on your mobile devices to work, especially if you're partying abroad.

13.Bring along a hangover remedy or two. A few of those tiny energy drinks or pep pills of some sort might be a good idea. Nothing illegal of course, unless you can get away with it.

14.Duct tape. Whichever sot you tape to a chair is your own business. Please refer to the above regarding legality.

15.Every member of the wedding party MUST wear an embarrassing outfit at some point. Anyone who refuses has to carry the map and the itinerary.

Failing all of the above, just wing it and bring bail money. Thousands and thousands of pounds, euros, or dollars for bail money. And don't forget the bit about ACE-FX and the cheapest international money transfers.

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