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Top 5 Romantic City Breaks

ACE-FX is For Lovers Too

As part of our ongoing series on International Holidays, ACE-FX is proud to present our guide to the Top 5 romantic city breaks in Europe. Hopefully, you already know this, but ACE-FX is more than just the top financial services company in the UK.

In addition to managing your financial needs while you're traveling abroad with prepaid euro cards that offer the best currency exchange rates in the industry, we also like to provide a constant stream of little extras that simplify your travels and let you focus on what's truly important. Our direct services protect you from international scams and the losses you might have to absorb if you carry money overseas.

On top of this practical support, we also help simplify your trip and give you the security you need to enjoy what's directly at hand. And you deserve nothing less. These guides are one of the ways we like to pay our customers back for all the love and loyalty they've shown us over the years.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 European Cities for romantic getaways.

Paris, France

It's just unavoidable. Every continental romance guide has to make some mention of Paris, clearly one of the great cities for lovers anywhere in the world. In Paris, you and your partner can have just the experience you want. That's how diverse the charms of Paris are. It's been that way for centuries. That's why the City of Light is also the City of Love.

Just imagine it for a moment--you and your beloved strolling the arrondissements pf Paris by day and sitting down for romantic dinners in the evening. Imagine taking refuge under a cafe's awning on a warm, rainy day, a night in the Latin Quarter, and day trips to the Louvre, The Musee d'Orsay, or the bookshops along the Seine.

Even if you've been there a dozen times before, Paris always has something new and romantic to offer. It's a city that never disappoints and if we could only include one city on our list of Romantic getaways, there's little doubt it would be Paris.

Vienna, Austria

A center of culture and commerce for centuries, stately Vienna has all the art, music, and grandeur you need for a fabulous romantic getaway. You can take in a play at the Burgtheater, one of the most important dramatic venues in all of Europe or listen, awed and overjoyed, to a delicate piece of chamber music at the Konzerthaus.

In fact, Vienna is a city where you can look and listen just about anywhere and find the romantic pleasures you're in the mood for. Just spending a few hours there will show you why Vienna should be at the top of every romantic city list.

The Island of Crete

Idyllic, provocative, and supremely romantic, the island of Crete stands head and shoulders above the average lovers' getaway spot. Surrounded by the warm beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, Crete stands as an opulent romantic gem and the ideal romantic fantasy.

Crete offers spectacular views from any spot on the island. Its idyllic beauty will stand as an incredible backdrop to your beach and nightlife forays.

Florence, Italy

What could be a better place for a romantic getaway than the glorious city of Florence? Birthplace of the Renaissance, historical home to centuries of the Old Masters' paintings, as well as a modernized and comfortable city, Florence has enchanted lovers since the 15th century.

Florence offers cozy cafes, walks along the Uffizi, and a romantic charm you needn't put your finger to relish in it. A romantic getaway to Florence will steep you in tranquil beauty and charge up your intimacy for a lifetime.

Lisbon, Portugal

We'll finish our romantic city guide with a spot you might not think of as a lovers' paradise. But no matter what you might think, Lisbon is one of the many places in Portugal for a scintillating romantic getaway. It's like several cities rolled into one, with beautiful architecture, exotic food, and opportunities for wonder on ever street corner.

With the Old World beauty of Sintra a mere train ride away, a romantic trip to Lisbon ends up being a package deal. You can spend a few days wandering the cafes, the live music venues, and vibrant garden landscapes of Lisbon. Then, if you like, you can finish up with a few days in Sintra, where you'll see palaces, parks, and promenades that build memories for a lifetime.

But whether you spend a few days in Sintra or spend your entire break basking in the charms of the capital city, Lisbon has everything you need to recharge your circuits and spice up your love life for years to come.


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