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The ACE-FX Travel Guide for Thailand

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The long winter is coming to an end and it's time to recharge your tired circuits. Of course, the best way to do this is to take a lengthy holiday. But if you've grown weary of the standard American or continental destinations, perhaps it's time for something new and more distinctive. That's why ACE-FX suggests a trip to Thailand this year. It's also why we've prepared a convenient travel guide for this shimmering Southeast Asian gem. Read on to discover some of the most important details about holidays in Thailand. And if you want a form of payment without hidden costs or foreign transaction fees while you're there, secure one of our prepaid travel money cards prior to your trip.  We offer travel cards in euro, dollars, and most other world currencies.

A Checklist of Things to Do in Thailand

Thailand is a land that conjures up dream visions of floating flowers, open-air markets, and the tranquil hush of a Buddhist temple. Sound good? If so, here's a list of things to do while on holiday in Thailand. Hopefully, it will make planning your trip a bit easier.
  • Spend a few days in Bangkok-- Bustling with over 6 million people, the Thai capital is a hyper-modern city that seduces visitors with traditional Southeast Asian undertones. You'll truly be in awe as you take in Bangkok's clashing array of sedate temples, towering skyscrapers, and imperial palaces.
  • Relax in one of Bangkok's neighboring resort towns-- Once you've had your fill of the Bangkok temples of Wat Arun and Wat Pho, take a side trip a nearby resort town. Thailand is internationally known for its unique and exotic beaches. And whether you choose Pranburi, Pattaya, or Hua Hin, you'll bask in the dazzling eastern sun between dips in the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Dare to take a peek at The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden-- If you're feeling bold enough, catch a gloomy glimpse of the afterlife just outside of Bangkok. With its huge statues that depict the savage torments of Buddhist Hell, the Hell Garden is a uniquely sinister attraction. But be forewarned and do mind the children, because the Hell Garden is not for the faint of heart and might make you change your sinful ways!
  • Visit Lotus Lake in Tambon Chiang Haeo-- This exquisite treasure in the Northeast will exceed all the expectations you've ever had about the gentle, lilting magnificence that Thailand is known for in the West. You'll be guided through waist-high elephant grass before encountering thousands of delicate lotus flowers on the surface of the water. The extravagant natural beauty of Lotus Lake will slow your spirit to a meditative crawl and boost your morale forever after.

Tips for Travelling in Thailand

Here's a quick list of things to bear in mind while you're on holiday in Thailand.
  • Money in Thailand-- The national currency in Thailand is the Thai bhat. The Thai bhat is abbreviated THB and one British pound will currently fetch you approximately 43 of them.
  • Getting by in Thailand on the cheap-- If you want to save money, live as the locals do. Thai street food is safe, delicious, and extraordinarily cheap. The same goes for local Thai beer and other beverages. Western style hotels can be a bit pricey, but the costs of staying at a hostel or a guesthouse are typically very low.
  • A word about footwear-- It's best to wear shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to take on or off. One reason for this is that you'll probably be walking in a fair amount of heat. But more importantly, shoes are not usually worn indoors in Thailand. You should expect to remove them before entering most buildings, but if you're uncertain, simply look for a pile of shoes in front of the door!

A Quick Lesson on Thai Etiquette

Traveling in Thailand is like entering a different world. In addition to the cuisine, language, and terrain, some of the biggest differences you'll encounter in Thailand are the unspoken rules of etiquette and decorum. It's nothing to be overly concerned about, but a little knowledge of Thai manners will help you be treated more warmly. Here's what you need to know.
  • If someone smiles at you, always smile back.
  • Do not disparage the king or the royal family.
  • Dress modestly unless you're on the beach.
  • Don't point at anyone. Pointing is considered especially rude in Thailand.
  • If you need to need to indicate someone, lift your chin slightly in their direction.
  • Remain calm, even when something unpleasant happens. Displays of emotion are typically frowned upon in Thai culture.
  • When in doubt, err on the side of remaining subdued and imitate the people around you.

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