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International Holiday Destination: Las Vegas, USA

The next locale we'll explore in our International Holiday Destination series is Las Vegas, Nevada. Known mostly for its glitz, gambling, and nightlife, "The Entertainment Capital of The World" actually offers quite a variety of attractions to the British traveler.

And while it's true that there are plenty of ways to lose your shirt in Las Vegas (all of your shirts if you're not careful!), you can also have an incredible time without gambling a cent. In fact, Las Vegas can be an extraordinary and diverting place for the whole family, as long as you're willing to dig a little deeper.

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Las Vegas Strip Attractions

To some travelers, Las Vegas doesn't really exist outside of the strip. And although you could quite literally spend months exploring its hotels, restaurants, and casinos, we don't recommend staying there for more than a few days. Unless you have money to burn, that is. But if you're like most Brits, two or three nights will be enough memories to last a lifetime. Here are a few of our favorite spots on the Vegas Strip.

The Bellagio

One of the most opulent hotels in all of North America, the Bellagio achieved legendary status the moment it was established in 1998. With over 4,000 rooms, gorgeous fountains set to music, and a botanical garden, The Bellagio is clearly more than just a place to lay you head down at night.

The Bellagio Casino is perhaps the most exciting in all of Las Vegas, offering everything from Blackjack and High Stakes Poker to Roulette and Baccarat in a variety of posh settings. Be careful though-- with all this luxury and high stakes action, the atmosphere itself can be intoxicating. And so can the complimentary drinks. We suggest allotting only the amount of money you can afford to lose and calling it a night when those funds are gone!

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

For an intensely different Stip experience, we strongly recommend a visit to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. With its main tank holding well over a million gallons of water, the Shark Reef is one of the largest aquariums in North America. It houses an incredible array of marine life, as well as a number of exotic reptiles.

An afternoon here will put you right in the middle of sharks, rays, crocodiles, and kimono dragons. The Shark Reef aquarium is like visiting another world, one that's a universe away from the glitz of the strip and certain to enchant you for a lifetime.

Madame Tussaud's Las Vegas Wax Museum

Located in the Venetian Hotel, this was the first incarnation of Madame Tussaud's in the United States. With exquisitely crafted wax figures of movie stars, celebrities, and athletes, Madame Tussaud's offers a fascinating blend of Old World elegance and American kitsch.

Las Vegas Activities that Don't Involve Gambling

Really though-- there's more to Las Vegas than gambling and we can prove it. Here's a quick list of wonderful activities that don't involve cards, spinning wheels, or possible financial ruin.

·Bus Tours. Several reputable companies offer guided tours of Las Vegas's best sightseeing opportunities.

·Hoover Dam Tours. Survey one of the most incredible man-made creations in all of North America on foot or by air.

·The Eifel Tower Experience. A glass elevator takes you up 46 floors, where you can experience a lovely aerial tour of Las Vegas.

·Indoor Skydiving. For the moderately brave, these indoor facilities offer 120 mph winds without all the danger.

·Take the Children to an Indoor Trampoline Park. You can join in when you've finished pretending it doesn't seem marvelous.

·Drive a Porsche, Lamborghini, or the latest McLaren at absurd speeds on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Enough said.

Natural Attractions in Las Vegas

Lastly, Las Vegas offers a bounty of natural beauty for British travelers. Here are a few of our favorite natural spots int the Vegas area.

·Lake Mead. Less than an hour from the Strip, Lake Mead offers hiking, boating, and swimming in one the largest man-made lakes in the world.

·Mount Charleston. Take refuge from the heat on this beautiful mountain 35 miles northwest of Vegas.

·Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Quite simply some of the most beautiful terrain in North America.

·Valley of Fire State Park. Less than 60 miles northeast of Las Vegas, this park offers Pueblo petroglyphs, desert wildlife, and stunning geological beauty.


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