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European Holiday Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

ACE-FX Takes You to Prague

This time out, we continue our series on International Holiday destinations with an examination of the mesmerizing city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Truly one of the world's most sophisticated cities, Prague is a portal between the Old World and the New, a place where one cannot take a breath that isn't steeped in beauty, intrigue, and mystery.

And as always, ACE-FX is the company that can help you get there. No firm tends to your travel financial needs with the same diligence and concern as ACE-FX. We've worked hard to earn our reputation as the most reputable company in the UK for currency services, international money transfers, and great exchange rates. We built this reputation the old-fashioned way-- by delivering the country's best financial services one customer at a time.

And when the world began to enter the digital age, ACE-FX kept up the brisk pace it set and became the standard bearer for prepaid money cards, international payments, and transferring money online. And now let's move on to our informative list of our favorite spots and activities in the Czech capital.

The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square stands regally between the medieval Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square and is the hub of every memorable Prague adventure. It's the city's true historic center, the site of grisly executions and holiday celebrations alike. It's also home to the Prague Orloj, an astronomical clock from the Middle Ages and a landmark of ancient ingenuity.

Prague's Christmas and Easter Markets are held yearly in the Old Town Square, but you can stroll through it during any season and soak in the magnificent blend of Gothic and Medieval architecture. In short, the Old Town Square is the ideal way to usher in the opulence of this incredible capital city.

The Clementium

Built as a Dominican monastery in the 11th century, The Clementium is one of the oldest complexes of historic buildings in all of Europe. The Clementium was recast as a Jesuit College in the 16th century and until very recently was the home to the formidable Czech National Library.

Like the Old Town Square, The Clementium also features an astronomical clock, as well as beautiful artwork throughout its many interiors. Visitors are taken on guided tours that visit the dazzling Baroque Library, Meridian Hall (which occupies much of the inside of the astronomical clock), and the Mirror Chapel where Mozart once played.

As anyone with a sense of history or an appreciation of profound aesthetic beauty can see, the Clementium offers an array of ancient charms you won't want to miss.

The Kafka Museum

For a unique change of pace, set aside a few hours to take in the Franz Kafka Museum on the western bank of the Vltava River. Although Kafka wrote his visionary works in German, he lived in Prague for most of his short life and his time there exerted a tremendous influence on his art.

On display here are Kafka's diaries, photographs, and letters. There are conceptual exhibits as well, including 3D interpretations of his work. Quirky, provocative, and intimate, the Kafka Museum gives visitors a brief look at the world through a tormented but brilliant soul's point of view.

Take in the Best of Prague On an Electric Bike Tour

Electric bicycle tours are an increasingly popular phenomenon in Prague and other European cities. If you're not yet familiar with them, electric bicycle tours (also known as e-bike tours) are exactly what they sound like-- leisurely group rides on battery-powered bicycles.

Typically lasting from 4-5 hours, a Prague e-bike tour takes you and your group on a preplanned route along which you can explore the richness of places like Old Town, The Jewish Quarter, and the surprising parks that dot the Lesser Quarter.

The bikes themselves are effortless, safe, and a lovely, open-air way to see sights that are difficult to reach by other means. The length of the tours vary, but most of them last 4-5 hours. Though they're a bit more expensive and time-consuming, a private tour might be a great option for you and your family. Whichever tour you choose, the ride through Prague will be splendid.

Explore Czech Culture with a Prague Food Tour

There's no better way to know a culture than through its cuisine. With a wide range of styles to choose from, a Prague Food Tour will guide your party through a cross section of lesser-known Czech restaurants, bistros, and brasseries.

And although the tours include luxurious amounts of food and drink, they include more than just epicurean pleasures. A gourmet guide will walk and talk you through spots that most tourists don't seek out, as well as help you experience the subtle charms of the dynamic Czech cuisine. The only rule is that you arrive hungry and ready to experiment.

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