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Beach Bum Heaven: 10 Uncrowded Oceanside Places

When you are looking for the perfect ingredients for a really chilled-out holiday, where doing nothing is the order of the day, a beautiful and heavenly quite beach always tops the list.

If you instantly turn into a beach bum as soon as the sand gets between your toes and all you want to hear is the sound of the ocean waves, here is a must-see top 10 directory of a beach-lovers paradise.

Hidden gem in Hawaii
Whilst a lot of beaches on most of the Hawaiian Islands may be a bit busy, despite their obvious natural charm, Big Island is the quiet and unassuming one of all the islands that make up Hawaii.

Probably the pick of the bunch is Hapuna Beach, but Kihola Beach boasts some wildlife and scenery to enjoy while you are busy doing nothing and feeling a little smug that not so many people know about Big Island as they should do.

Fiji = relaxation
There can be no escape from the seductive charms of its turquoise waters and shimmering sands but if that is not enough on its own, you can still find plenty of uncrowded beaches amongst the 333 islands of Fiji.

If you are a true beach bum then you probably won’t be interested that surfers and divers are also well catered for in this part of the world.

Authentic Anguilla
If you think that your chances of finding a quite beach in such a beautiful areas as the Caribbean, then you probably haven’t found Anguilla yet.

Cruise ships are not allowed here and you won’t find any high-rise hotels. What you will find is lots of winding paths with no directions just to add to the fun. The good news is that pretty soon you will stumble upon the familiar turquoise waters and a nice quiet beach.

Opposites attract in North Carolina
The Outer Banks area of North Carolina offers something for everyone. Some spots are a definite no-no if you are looking for a bit of R&R but that means other parts are almost deserted in comparison.

This means that you can leave the thrill-seekers to their thing while your pulse rate goes in the other direction.

You can’t beat a Bali sunset
The shorelines of Bali offer you cobalt seas and soft sands. The local culture inspires a feeling of serenity and watching the sun go down on a sparsely-populated beach, is one of life’s treasured memories.

Pearl of the Pacific
The British explorer James Cook knew what he was talking about when he described the island of Bora Bora as the pearl of the Pacific. This place would win many a beauty contest and Matira beach is a pretty good reference point.

The Naples without the history
The Italian city of Naples has plenty of history and culture but no offence, it was never going to make a top ten of beach destinations.

If you are talking about the Floridian version however, that’s a different ball game as they would say. Laid-back and easy-going are just two ways to describe the feel you get as you listen to lapping waves on a white sandy beach that is nowhere near the coast of Italy.

Spoilt for choice
The British Virgin Islands have so many remote beaches that you are really spoilt for choice.

Mahoe Bay and Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda will definitely tick any beach-bum’s boxes and Brewers Bay on Tortola will induce horizontal tendencies as soon as you set eyes on stretch of sand that awaits you.

No golden sands here
Santorini is a stunning contrast of deep blue waters and crisp white houses. The real assault on your senses is when you hit Parissa beach, made of black sand.

This is a popular island destination but with so many visitors keen to explore the island, you can often find a quite spot to nestle down on the black volcanic sand.

Tranquil aura
Last but certainly not least, the Seychelles has a cluster of 115 islands to wander around. This means that you are bound to find some crowd-free sands to rest your bones on, without being bothered by a crowd.

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