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Destination Dubai: Planning Your Holiday in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a destination that is really is going places. 

Even if you have been to the city before, the place known as ‘gateway to the east and the west’, changes so rapidly that you are going to feel like it is the first time, every time.

Ever-increasing popularity
Dubai is already home to about 2 million people and has a vibrant cosmopolitan feel about it, thanks to the estimated 200 different nationalities that call this city their home.

Few would argue with the observation that Dubai is a place that sums up 21st century living and all that it has to offer. If you are planning a trip to the city in the near future, here are some things that you might like to know, and also some information that you will need to know.

Trouble-free visit
Nearly one million Brits visit the UAE each year and despite the fact that there is a perceived threat from terrorism according to British government advice, it should be noted that the vast majority who come to Dubai, enjoy a trouble-free experience.

An important consideration to remember is that the UAE is a Muslim country and this obviously means that some of their laws and customs will be very different to how we are governed in the UK.

Always aim to respect local traditions and customs at all times and be mindful of their laws and religions. There are serious penalties for doing something that may be considered acceptable and not illegal in the UK, but not in Dubai.

You need not worry about the “house-rules” being an issue, provided you embrace the local ways and pay due respect to the reasons why they expect good behaviour. Remember that many expats live here and love the life and opportunities it offers them.

Personal safety
One of the obvious benefits that visitors get from the way Dubai is governed, is that it makes it one of the safest places that you can visit.

The international travel industry have already awarded the UAE the honour of being considered as the world’s safest holiday destination on a couple of previous occasions, so you should certainly feel relaxed about coming to Dubai, provided you take the usual tourist advice that would apply pretty much anywhere.

Happy memories
It is worth mentioning the subject of taking photos whilst on holiday in Dubai.

You should always ask permission before taking a picture of anyway as a general rule. Avoid taking any photographs of Muslim women and the authorities don’t take kindly to anyone who takes snaps of airports, docks, and any government building or military installation that could be misintpreted as a security issue despite your innocent intentions.

Dress code
By all means dress to impress in Dubai, but only if your attire pays due respect to the local culture and customs that have already been mentioned.

Bikinis, swimsuits and shorts are definitely only for the beach and bare-chested men will not be acceptable if and when you step away from the golden sands. Women are respectfully requested not to wear short skirts and keep their shoulders covered.

Health and hygiene
You should always make sure that you have adequate health cover just in case there is a medical emergency, but you should not have many concerns about the general standard of hygiene in Dubai being an issue.

There is a plentiful supply of clean water and food hygiene standards are often very high in many of the hotels and restaurants.

Dubai is a fantastic and exciting destination that is well worth visiting, including some serious shopping opportunities. Make sure you get a great exchange rate on your travel money when you go, try ACE-FX and enjoy a brilliant holiday.

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