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Get More Money for Your Next Trip with Our Home Delivery Holiday Money Service

The coronavirus outbreak made exchange rates fluctuate more than ever. No one likes uncertainty, especially when it comes to their savings and travel money. You certainly don’t want to arrive at your destination and find out about the unfavourable exchange rates only then, right?

If you are anxious about your holiday money and confused about why and where you should buy foreign currencies, our guide may be of great help! We can ensure you get the best rates for your next dream holiday and solve one of your biggest travel worries.  

Never Ever Exchange Your Money at the Airport

Are you after the best possible rates? Waiting until you arrive at the airport to exchange the money is the last option to consider. Airports offer the lowest exchange rates, which means you would get the worst deal on foreign currencies there.

You have been diligently working the whole year, been waiting for the summer to finally arrive, and went through a major phase of stress during the quarantine. Don’t give up your hard-earned money that easily! It doesn’t matter whether you are converting your pounds to euros, dollars, yens or another currency – airports can rip off unbelievable amounts of money if you are not thinking a couple of steps ahead.

But you can still get the best exchange rates even if you have left this task until the last minute. ACE-FX, the best currency exchange provider with branches in London Bridge and Canary Wharf, can come to the rescue. Order your currency by 12 pm and have it by the next day or the day that’s most suitable for you. Also, you can have it delivered to your local post office or home address.

ACE-FX offers free delivery on orders over £750. We apply a standard delivery charge of £4.95 for orders under £750. You can be rest assured your money is safe with us. You will have it delivered via a fully insured Royal Mail Special Delivery.

If you have time or simply want to collect your money from one of our branches, use our click and collect travel money service. Reserve your currency online and drop by at London Bridge or Canary Wharf and pick up your money – free of charge. Just make sure to check our opening times beforehand.

Choose Online Providers Rather Than Exchanging Your Money on the High Street

Although rates on the high streets tend to be more favourable than those at the airports, we still don’t advise purchasing your travel money there. Online providers are, doubtlessly, your best bet if you want to get up to date, competitive rates. Purchasing your travel money online is easier and quicker than ever. Take advantage of that!


If you don’t want to get ripped off, we advise avoiding touristy areas, train stations and charge bureaus at the airports. Post offices, hotels and banks in your respective destination are worth a try. Still, if you don’t want to go through trial and error and risk your pounds, get the most out of our home delivery holiday money service. ACE-FX offers the best rates, charges 0% commission and ensures your money arrives at your address safely. Contact us for more info!

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