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Travelling to Europe this Summer after Lockdown

After COVID-19, no zone looks like an easy-travel one. Although spending a summer holiday somewhere in Europe has never seemed so complicated, the good news is – numerous countries are lifting their travel restrictions. Depending on your desired destination, you should get familiar with different timetables and rules European countries have set for their visitors. If you’ve tried to find the right info but all you got were mixed signals, check out this guide on how to salvage your summer holidays.

Note that the EU announced they would wait no longer than June 15 to open most of their external borders for non-EU citizens.


Austria has opened its borders with most EU countries already, except for Italy they will reopen borders with on June 16. Tourists from other countries should provide a negative, maximum 4days-old test on COVID19.


Belgium is about (June 15) to reopen borders with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the UK, and the EU. Although some of the restriction has been eased on June 8, those relating to culture and hospitality would remain until July 1. Do you know it takes no more than 3h 20min to reach Belgium by train?


Passengers from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Poland, and Lithuania can enter Croatia without any restrictions. Tourists from the UK and EU/EEA are obliged to book accommodation beforehand visiting Croatia.


Cyprus has just resumed its tourist season for visitors from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Israel, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Lithuania. Passengers have to provide a no more than a 3-day old negative health certificate.

On June 20, Cyprus will allow flights from Croatia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, and Switzerland. Russia and the UK will possibly be allowed to fly to Cyprus from mid-July. It is not yet known when tourists from Italy, Spain, France, and the USA would be able to visit the country.


France is about to reopen its borders with the EU and EU countries on June 15. Visitors from the UK are advised (this is not obligatory) to go into self-isolation for 2 weeks upon arrival in France.


Germany has loosened numerous travel restrictions already. Yet, they will be opening their borders to the UK and the EU not until June 16. If you are a UK citizen or a family member of a UK citizen, you are allowed to return to your place of residence. This applies to people travelling through Germany on their way to their home country.


The Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry announced a plan for reopening borders and divided it into 3 phases, of which the first one is about to expire on June 15.

The second phase starts on June 15 and lasts until June 30. International flights will be allowed to land in both Thessaloniki and Athens (unlike now when flights are landing just in Athens). Citizens of the UK will have to get tested and spend 7 days in quarantine if the test is negative or 14 days if it is positive.

On July 1, all airports in Greece will be reopened for most countries and all passengers will have to undergo random tests upon arrival.


After weeks of quarantine and self-sacrifice, it is finally the time to spoil yourself with a European holiday. Now that you know more about travel restrictions and borders reopening in some of the most visited European countries, all you have to do is to collect your travel money and hit the road, Jack. Contact us for more info!

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