Safety Checks/Safety Items to Take when Travelling After Lockdown

After months of lockdown, we can finally say the summer season is about to begin. Numerous countries have been slowly easing restrictions but - what has happened with travelling as we know it? It is unlikely we will experience travelling this year as we did in the past few years. To make sure you are safe and sound on your summer vacation or a business trip, we compiled a list of safety checks and safety items to take with you before you get to departures during this summer. Yes, this year, you will need more than your travel money and a passport!


If you have plans on travelling to Europe after lockdown, you should know some of these countries (e.g. Austria and Cyprus) are demanding travellers to provide maximum 4-day-old negative tests on COVID19. Make sure to do a test in your native country to avoid any further complications upon arrival at your destination. On the other hand, if you are travelling to Greece, you can do a test at the border. Tourists coming from outbreak hotspots should provide a certificate of immunity once vaccines are available.

Protective Gear

If you are travelling by plane, you should have a couple of 3-layer face masks and gloves in your bag. Protective gear is obligatory to wear at airports whilst wearing it at your tourist destination is optional. You can even visit one of our branches to get your essential PPE Travel Kit which contains the following:

  • 1 x 50ml bottle of antibacterial sanitiser gel (80% alcohol)
  • 1 x pack of 15 antibacterial wipes
  • 1 x pack of 5 pairs of disposable gloves
  • 1 x pack of x5 3 Ply disposable masks

Hand Sanitiser

Wiping seats and tables with wet-wipes is more than just a trend on TikTok. This is our reality now, especially if we want to travel by plane. We should be washing our hands more frequently or using hand sanitisers instead. You are allowed to pack 100ml of any liquid sanitiser in your bag. Once more, this is optional as airports are taking all of the necessary measures already but it would be best for you to take all of the preventive measures when travelling as well.


If you are a businessman, you should know you should submit a visa application and some extra documentation prior to travelling to another country. You will have to consult the Consulate in your native country regarding the necessary documentation you will need to take with you.

Travel Insurance

We wouldn’t advise travelling to a high-risk area but if you have to do so, for whatever reason, it’s good to buy travel insurance. However, you should think about getting insurance even when traveling to a country that doesn’t have a travel ban.

If you want to be free of worries, you can purchase emergency medical transportation coverage as well.


People are having numerous concerns about travelling abroad this summer. Many Brits are choosing not to travel far from home but we can assure you that international travel can be as safe if you take all of the measures we listed in the article above. If travelling by plane seems unpleasant, a train is a great alternative for travelling around Europe. Contact us to pick up your travel money!

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