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Top 5 Places to Visit after Coronavirus Outbreak

Although the whole world is a mess currently, it doesn’t mean the buzz about Coronavirus won’t stop. Eventually, it will – whether it will take a month, two or six. Thus, you shouldn’t give up your biggest passion – travelling. Today, we are talking about the top 5 places to visit after the industry restarts.

Saint Lucia

The beauty queen of the Caribbean has a myriad of attractions to offer. Pigeon Island National Park, the Pitons, Marigot Bay, Morne Fortune, and Diamond Botanical Gardens are some of the must-see destinations on this wonderful island. If you are an adventure seeker, make sure to check out numerous waterfalls, reefs, rainforests, and volcanoes here. Crescent-shaped beaches offer a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Golden sands, rustling palms, diversity of the underwater world – Saint Lucia is truly magical.


Monaco was one of the safest places in the world before Coronavirus, and no doubt, this 2-square-kilometers in size country will stay so. Here, you can experience glamour from a different perspective. This royal principality boasts a deep blue sea and gorgeous scenery. The Rock, Palais du Prince, Les Jardins Saint Martin, and Monaco harbour are the hottest attractions in Monaco. Experience extravagant wealth, glitz, glamour, upscale hotels, and luxury yachts in this charming little stretch.


Another small, yet lovable country, Gibraltar boasts numerous interesting attractions. The Rock of Gibraltar, Gibraltar Nature Reserve, St. Michal’s Cave, the Moorish Castle, and the Great Siege Tunnels make just a few places you should see here. This British Overseas Territory is a perfect blend of nature and bustle, so visit if you like a bit of both.


Another amazing destination for tourists who love sand, beach, and history, Cyprus, is a tiny island with a big heart. Here, you can mix Greek and Turkish experience and enjoy a bit of both heritages. Although every summer season is bustling, you can also hit the slopes of Mount Olympus. Travellers visit Cyprus for its Greek temples, frescoes, Roman mosaics, Byzantine churches, and museums. Larnaca and Nissi Beach are a must-see for youngsters.


Considering the foreign impacts of Russia, Sweden, Poland, and Slavic countries, Lithuania has a little bit of everything to show. One out of 3 Baltic jewels, Lithuania appears a little bit gothic, but hey – some people are into this type of culture. Here, you can get familiar with Baroque architecture and medieval wonders, walk the cobbled roadways, but hear some good rock music and enjoy beer.

These countries seem to be some of the least affected countries by COVID-19 by now, which already makes them a lot safer to visit in the next few months. There’s plenty to see and experience, but make sure to have your travel money ready and contact us beforehand.

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