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Prepaid vs. Debit Card - Which One to Choose When Traveling Overseas

There’s no such thing as Eenie Meenie Miney Mo when choosing between prepaid and debit cards for traveling overseas. If you have this dilemma, you should know your prepaid card can ensure you are getting the most of each trip. Yet, let’s go through some of the key areas that will prove this claim.

1.       No overspending

Prepaid cards allow you to keep control of what you are spending. There’s no chance of dipping into your regular budget, except for the ones who choose to do so. So, you can spend what you load and avoid debts at the same time. Besides, in case you lost your prepaid card, no one can link it to your regular account.

2.       Lower fees and winning exchange rates

With Ace-FX, you get the most favourable exchange rates – wherever you spend in the world. Also, with our prepaid card, you won’t have to pay any fees when buying from foreign shops or dining in their restaurants, etc.

3.       Lock in great rates

Unlike debit and credit cards, prepaid cards allow you to lock in exchange rates before your trip. Majority of world travelers get stung at the airports as well. Thanks to travel money cards you can get with us, you can keep track of how much you are spending, how much you have left, and avoid nasty surprises. 

4.       Bye-bye to DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

Numerous overseas merchants are using a profit-making scheme named DCC. If you pay for a service or a product in your home currency, you will let them dictate the exchange rate – a big no-no.  Fortunately, you can use our Ace-FX prepaid card to prevent these types of frauds and save some money.

5.       Use your prepaid card as a debit or credit card

In case you prefer other types of cards, you should know you can withdraw and spend cash abroad just like you would with your debit or credit card, but with a prepaid card. Usually, this is the breaking point that makes our customers apply for their prepaid cards.


We want to ensure you are safe when traveling overseas and prevent any unwanted outcomes money-related. Ace-FX cards make traveling easier and they are accepted worldwide. For more information, make sure to contact us!

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