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6 of the craziest places you can stay in the world

On the hunt for an unusual holiday stay? Look no further.

We’ve found some of the craziest places you can stay in the world, from sleeping below sea level to residing in a castle made entirely of ice. Prepare to be amazed!

  1. Nestle down in a gigantic wine barrel

Calling all wine lovers: we’ve found you the perfect hotel! If you hadn’t already guessed, it’s an over-sized wine barrel, equipped with a luxurious bathroom, double bed, and even air conditioning. Situated in Portugal, on the Quinta de Pacheca vineyard, guests can take a wine tour, enjoy a wine tasting and then settle down into their giant wine barrel for an epic nights rest. The winery is almost 300 years old and was one of the first ever properties to bottle wine under its own label. Safe to say, if you’re into your wine, you might want to try out this hotel.

  1. Sleep with the fishes in the Maldives

Sleep with the fishes… quite literally. For those searching for a hotel room that’s different to the norm, The Muraka has opened the first-ever underwater hotel villa in the Maldives. For $50,000 dollars a night you can sleep with sharks and all kinds of tropical creatures swimming over your head. Definitely one of the craziest places you can stay in the world, but perhaps not the most affordable...

Located more than 16 feet below sea level in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the villa is a two-story affair, with the lower level submerged in the ocean. The entire villa boasts luxury: personal butlers, sea-facing bathtubs and on-call fitness trainers are only a few of the perks. Guests make their way downstairs to below sea level via an elevator, to the welcome of a domed glass ceiling and surrounding glass walls offering panoramic views of the deep blue.

  1. Rest your head atop the trees

Do we ever truly grow out of the simple joy of a treehouse? Some hotels seem to think not. A number of treehouse hotels have sprung up across the world, from Thailand to Sweden.

One of our favourites is The Bangkok Tree House; idyllic from head-to-toe. For a very reasonable price, you can sleep open air on one of their beautiful wooden structures, built above the tree line. With lanterns, white linen and a mosquito net, this could be the perfect place to bed down for the night if you’re looking for something a little unusual or a little romantic.

The Treehotel in Sweden offers a slightly different tree-top experience. In the unspoilt nature of Sweden, 5 completely unique, contemporary treerooms were built by architects to provide some extraordinary accommodation for visitors – including the mirror cube, the UFO and the bird's nest. A central idea for the construction was sustainability, and there are many elements of this present in the rooms, from the reusable building materials to the combustion toilets.

  1. Spend the night in an ice castle

For a chilly nights rest, why not stay in one of the world’s most insane ice hotels? Up there with the coolest and craziest places you can stay in the world. These ice structures are found in various freezing locations across the globe, such as the Arctic Circle, and they feature hotel rooms, restaurants and even some chapels! Most are built in December before melting in early spring. Some of these incredible ice hotels include Canada’s Hotel de Glace, The IceHotel in Sweden and the stunning Snow Castle in Finland. You’ll want to pack all your layers for this one, guys!

  1. Doze the night away onboard a plane

We’ve all nodded off on a flight. How many times have you wished that instead of the upright, plastic seat you’d had a real bed instead? Well, we’re here to tell you that dreams do come true. A number of old planes have been refurbished into modern hotel rooms. In Orotanga, New Zealand, a 1950s Bristol Freighter that served in the Vietnam war has been repurposed into a modern apartment, sleeping four, with a tiny ladder leading into the room in the cockpit. Deep in the Costa Rican jungle – at Manuel Antonio National Park – an old Boeing 727 has been converted into a two-story retro suite.

  1. Sleep tight in a real jail cell

Ever wondered what it was like to be in jail? Canada is providing people with this very experience, in a hostel that has been converted from an old 1800s jailhouse. HI Ottawa Jail Hostel has all of the original walls, cells, and even the cell bars still in place. What’s more, you can stay in one of the original 3x9 foot prison cells, equipped with not much more than a bed and a hook to hang your jacket. If you’re looking for an adventure and an authentic experience, this could be just the trick.

The world is full of strange places and bizarre sights. And we’re sure you’ll agree, these are definitely some of the craziest places you can stay in the world. Would they be your cup of tea or your worst nightmare?

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