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5 of the best New York travel experiences

In the city that never sleeps, there is always something happening - any time of the day, any place in the city. People don’t come to New York to relax (if they do, they’re sure to be in for a surprise).

From architectural wonders, to flamboyant theatre shows, to thriving neighbourhoods to explore, you’ll want to be getting up early and getting to bed late to make the most of this incredible city.

Here are the ACE-FX top New York travel experiences.

  1. Central Park

One of the world’s most renowned green spaces, Central Park comprises 843 acres of manicured gardens, rolling green meadows, a shimmering lake, outdoor theatre and memorial to John Lennon. Enjoy food at an idyllic lakeside eatery; visit the grand Central Park Zoo or laze with thousands of others on the grass.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

A true New York icon, Brooklyn Bridge was the world’s first steel suspension bridge. Opened in 1883 - its construction fraught with death and disaster - the bridge was a magnificent example of architectural design and modern technology. Inspiring poets and painters throughout the ages, it continues to be a New York travel highlight to this day.

  1. Statue of Liberty

One of the most famous, and thus popular, attractions in New York, tickets get reserved for the Lady Liberty’s crown at least 6 months in advance. Book your tickets early to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness breathtaking views of the city and harbour from the towering height of this Lady.

  1. Empire State Building

Seven million hours of labour and just 410 days saw the building of the immense Empire State Building. Completed in 1931, this Art Deco skyscraper stands 1,454 feet tall. Every level of the building has a story to tell. Views from the top are astonishing.

  1. Times Square

Love it or hate it, Times Square is an iconic feature of New York. Here exists the NYC of the global imagination; the nexus of the city. Yellow cabs, pacing pedestrians, soaring skyscrapers and the dazzle of Broadway make Times Square a tourist must-see.

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