How to Sell Unused Currencies at the Best Buy-Back Rates

Do you have some leftover foreign cash from your last trip abroad? Why wouldn’t you convert it back into pounds? Multiple providers offer various buy-back services. You can sell your foreign unused currency to one of the providers and convert it depending on their currency buy-back rate.

We created this short guide to help you sell your unused currencies at the best buy-back rates for every euro, dollar, yen or other currency you want to sell.

Where to Find the Best Buy-Back Rates?

You always have the option to sell unused currencies to travel agents, banks and money exchanges on the high street. Yet, this doesn’t guarantee you get the best buy-back rates. Providers online offer way better rates. And you have a wide selection of providers to choose from.

ACE-FX is one online provider that offers the best buy-back rates. You can see these for yourself when you compare our rates to the rates of other online providers. Plus you can book your currency collection online at any time of the day, Monday to Friday, and pick it up at one of our branches or have it delivered to your address.

The Cost of Selling Currency Online

The cost at which you are going to sell your currency depends on two factors – the exchange rate and delivery costs.

For instance, the lower the exchange rate, the fewer pounds you get back. Practically, you would lose money in the process. Additionally, with most providers, you have to pay for having your cash sent to the provider and delivered back to you.

With ACE-FX, you can send your money via Royal Mail and track the delivery. This can truly give you peace of mind, knowing your money is fully insured.

How to Place an Order?

It’s quite simple! Click here, enter your details, send your currency to our branch, and receive your pounds within no more than two days after we receive your currency. 

You can also sell your currency in store at our Canary Wharf or London Bridge branches. However, it works out slightly better if you place your order online. This way, you can fix your rate for 24 hours and drop by to pick up the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I sell any foreign currency? No. But you can sell more than 35 foreign currencies with us, some of which include euros, dollars, levs, rupees and liras.
  2. Can you guarantee I get the rate I see online? If you fix your rate 24 hours ahead, we can guarantee you will get the exact buy-back rate. Otherwise, just checking the rate without fixing it won’t ensure you get the same rate when you drop in at our branch.
  3. Can I exchange coins? No, we don’t exchange coins. We only exchange notes.


Don’t worry about the leftover foreign money from your holiday! Exchange your foreign currencies to pounds with ACE-FX. Check our buy-back rates and you’ll see why we are one of the leading online providers. Contact us for more information about selling your currencies.

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