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How to Use a Buy Back Service to Sell your Leftover Currency

It can be tricky when travelling to know how much cash to take with you. Take too little and you could be at the mercy of local and often unfavourable rates. Take too much and you could come home with a stack of foreign currency which you would much rather was in spendable Sterling. That’s not a problem anymore, thanks to the currency Buy Back service we offer at ACE-FX.

It's easy, hassle-free and cost-effective to sell us your leftover currency. We have three branches in London where you can simply walk in and we’ll buy your currency off you. No minimum or maximum amount. Or if you’re not in London, you can post it to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery and we’ll deposit the sale money directly into your bank account. We don’t charge any commission for our Buy Back service so you will receive that day’s exact value for whatever currency you have.

If you’re selling in store, you can walk in, as long as you have some photographic ID, and we’ll make the transaction immediately. If you would rather send us your money to buy back, you will need to fill in a simple online form and provide some ID when placing your order.

Why use the ACE-FX Buy Back service? Well, apart from how easy it is, and the fact that we don’t charge any commission, our rates are the highest you’ll find. In fact, 8% higher than the Post Office. So if you want to get your hands on your own money as soon as possible, fill in our online form now or pop into one of our three London branches.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the ACE-FX Buy Back service or any of our other services. Just give us a call on 020 7357 7373 or send us a message.

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