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Fifa World Cup 2018: Semi Finals: England vs. Croatia

Exceeding all expectations and assuaging all fears, England triumphed over Sweden with a 2-0 score last Sunday, qualifying them for the semi-finals - the first time the team have made it this far since 1990 and the first opportunity England have had of actually taking the cup home since 1966.

An epic battle

Safe to say, the scene is set for an epic clash against Croatia on Wednesday.

Put it this way, the last time England were in a semi-final, Croatia were yet to gain independence.

Wednesday will be nothing short of monumental - from every view point.

The match will take place in Luzhniki stadium in Moscow - an 80,000 capacity venue that will also be hosting the finals.

Moscow: What to do & see

As it’s Moscow, there’s plenty to do other than watch the football. Here are ACE-FXs highlights.

  • Play-time at Gorky Park

The best way to shake off football mania? At Maxim Gorky’s Central Park of Culture and Leisure. In this case, the name really does say it all. Here you can take part in cycling, rollerblading, table tennis and beach volleyball - to name but a few. If that all seems too much, simply take a stroll on the banks of the sparkling river, enjoy some food from one of the kiosks and discover the various art installations spread throughout the park.

  • Peruse Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Moscow’s exclusive foreign-art museum, split over three branches, is home to a wide array of European art masterpieces, including pieces from ancient civilisations and the Italian Renaissance. This one will have you perusing for longer than expected.

  • A memorable evening at Bolshoi Theatre

If you’re looking for a romantic and entertaining evening in Moscow, look no further. The glittering six-tier theatre has an electric atmosphere, with ballet and opera companies performing a range of stunning works.

  • History at the Moscow Kremlin

At the city’s historic core sits the architectural complex is the Kremlin: the apex of Russian political power. Covering Borovitsky Hill on the north bank of the Moscow River, catch the best views of the complex from Sofiyskaya nab across the river.

  • Sip a cocktail at the Time-Out Rooftop Bar

One of the trendiest places to grab a drink in Moscow, try one of the bartenders exquisite cocktails and take in the spectacular city-line view. The perfect place for a sunset cocktail. Or a semi-final celebration…

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