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10 Events & Festivals to Spice up your London Summer

So you didn’t make it to Glastonbury this weekend (and like us, you’re feeling insatiably jealous of all those currently dancing in the sun). Worse yet, there’s little on the summer horizon. No holidays planned. No festivals booked. A seemingly endless stretch of work days and weekends spent in the city…

It may feel a little bleak. But like the rays of sunshine we are, we’re here to tell you all is not so. (Although we can’t deny the fact that yes, you have missed out on a big and *sunny* one at Glastonbury this year... clearly we haven’t got over it yet).

A London Summer: Events & Festivals

While we do all love to bemoan London - the tube, the weather (does it want to just be sunny yet?), the general chaos of city life - it’s not all bad. In fact, there are some things that are pretty great about the city we all call home. 

One of these is the abundance of events and festivals on our doorstep. Events that mean while we may not be sunning ourselves on the shores of the Carribean, we can still let loose on the weekend and have a little fun. Or at least, do something other than the pub/cinema norm. So here are 10 things to liven up your London summer.

  1. Watch Wimbledon Tennis

What could be more British than taking to Wimbledon from 1-5 July to watch the tennis? If you haven’t got tickets, you’ll simply have to join the ques outside. Buy a jug of pimms, and delight in some quintessential British fun. It is summer after all. 

  1. Let your hair down at London’s answer to Ibiza

Who needs Ibiza when we’ve got an Ibiza party on the South Bank? Admittedly, the sand may be a slightly darker shade of white (say, grey), but there’s thumping beats, there’s glitter face painting, and there’s even fire performances. South Bank Ibiza Beach Party on the 13th of July. See you there.

  1. Find flowers and fragrance at Hampton Court’s Festival

If you’re into flowers and generally having a nice wander around a lush garden, this Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival is for you (what a mouthful). 

  1. Join London’s vibrant Pride Parade

The flamboyant and energetic Pride Parade on the 6th of July is always an incredible weekend in London. Dress in your brightest and get involved in the celebrations.

  1. Feel sophisticated at the Cocktail Festival

Are you a cocktail man or lady? Enjoy a cold mojito on a warm summer’s evening? Come one, come all. There’s a Cocktail Festival in the Bedford Gardens, with all the unique, flavourful and trendy cocktails you could imagine. 

  1. Dip to your heart’s content at this Gin & Dip event 

Perhaps you’re more of a G & T gal? Luckily, there’s something on for you this summer, too. Newly opened - this summer brings you a Gin, Crisp and Dip Festival in Brixton. A celebration of glorious gins and delightful dips - what could be better? And if beer’s more your thing, you’ll find all things beer at London’s Craft Beer Festival on 9-11 August.

  1. Spend a balmy night watching the big screen

Forget festivals. Or even holidays. Conjure this image in your mind: you and a friend or a loved one, nestled on a blanket, under a warm summer night’s sky - perhaps with a bottle of prosecco and a picnic - watching one of the great’s on a huge screen at the glorious Somerset House. News flash: this can be a reality at the Somerset House Film Festival this summer. You’re welcome. 

  1. Chug along the canal, in a hot tub… 

Some of the best parts of holidays are the outdoor swimming options - plunge pools, hot tubs... Well, these days, you don’t even need to leave London for any of that. Not even for al fresco hot tubs. On our very own Regent’s Canal this summer, you may stroll past the Hot Tugs as they amble down the river - that’s floating, boating, steerable hot tubs. Even better? There’s an on-tap bar, on-board.

  1. Shake it at Notting Hill Festival

London has her own array of spirited and dynamic festivals, none the less than Notting Hill Carnival on August 24-26. Expect to get lost in the drums, the dancing and the parades. 

  1. Satisfy your cravings at London’s Dessert Festivals

There’s a number of festivals for the sweet-toothed among us this summer in London. This weekend sees the sumptuous Ice Cream Festival, and if you can’t make that there’s the London Dessert Festival on the 17-18 August. Finger-licking good.

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