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Using Your Smartphone for Currency Conversion with AirgoFX

There are lots of travel apps to choose from, but perhaps none is more useful than a currency conversion app, and AirgoFX in particular. It’s practical and useful, and arranging to buy and sell currency using a smartphone is easy. Keep reading, and learn more.

The Way It Used to Be

Anyone who’s ever traveled internationally before is probably familiar with the following scene. Arriving in town, folks check into the hotel, and then head out to find a currency exchange desk. And then maybe they get lost, or there’s a line, and then they have no idea what the exchange rate will be until they get there. Or maybe they’ve tried to arrange international money transfer options in advance. Either way, there’s the whole process in reverse before they go home, trying to convert their currency back to their home country’s currency while getting in a little more sightseeing at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

New and Improved Smartphone Currency Conversion

AirgoFX is a smartphone app designed to make the currency conversion process fast and easy. Whereas before, folks worried about cheap international money transfers. Today, Android and iOS users can download it for free, and begin using it right away. With more than 45 currencies to choose from, this app provides the financial freedom of worldwide travel to folks, for both business and pleasure trips. The screens are laid out well, uncluttered and easy to follow, and the instructions are straightforward. All but perhaps the most novice smartphone users will find using the app pretty easy, and even then, the learning curve is pretty short.

Get Great Rates

Because this currency conversion app runs on a smartphone, it provides the powerful ability to offer users the latest, real-time conversion rates. While other currency conversion apps and desks may update their figures once or twice a day, the app updates the rates as they actually fluctuate up or down. The rate travelers reserve your currency at when they place an order is the rate they’ll get when they pick up their order.

Buy and Sell

AirgoFX users can not only buy foreign currency but they can sell it too, back to another branch. The app provides rates for both buying and selling currency. The expansive network of currencies and branches available means that travelers can even leapfrog from currency to currency as they travel, as needed. Going abroad with the app is nearly as good as traveling with a hometown bank!


With a smartphone app, it’s easy for travelers to streamline the currency conversion process and make money arrangements discreetly. No one wants to spend precious travel time researching the nearest currency conversion desk. And no one wants to stand there once they find it, figuring out the currency conversion rate and how much money they’ll get for their own currency. This app make it simple and efficient, and some may feel safer knowing that all that needs to be done is pick up the new currency and pay for it - travelers will be in and out of the branch and on their way.

Get the Details

When users open the AirgoFX app, they’ll get the most up-to-the minute rates for both buying and selling currency. They choose the currency or currencies they would like to buy or sell. Make selections of currency and amount, and then choose a pickup branch. The app will suggest nearby branches based on location; choose the branch that’s most convenient. Travelers will see exactly how much money they’ll get, whether they’re buying or selling currency. The branch information includes hours of operation, the nearest public transport method or stop, and the actual distance from the user. Customers typically pay upon pickup of their currency, and cash and debit cards are accepted. Using the app is one way to send money abroad, assuming multiple travelers share debit card accounts where funds can be shifted among them. The final step is choosing the day and time of the currency collection. Before heading home, travelers can return to another branch to sell the currency back and collect home currency.

Currency Conversion, the Modern Way

People use smartphones for so many day-to-day tasks, why not currency conversion, too? Traveling with a smartphone is a no-brainer for nearly everyone, whether it’s for business or pleasure. So why not use a smartphone currency conversion app, AirgoFX? This is a free smartphone app available to Android and iOS users. It allows users to get the most up-to-date conversion rates, along with a streamlined and secure method of pre-arranging an order for pickup at a nearby branch. And users can even sell their currency back before leaving the country, so no one is stuck with bills they can’t use at home.
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