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Plan your holiday trip to the states with ACE-FX


For many Brits, the Christmas season is a time to stay close to home, with family and other loved ones. But for others, the greatest Christmas gift of all is to get out of the UK for a while and travel abroad. If you're in the second group and you just need to get away, consider doing your Christmas shopping in the U.S. this year. America is a wonderful place at Christmastime, with holiday destinations as varied as the people who live there. And with an ACE-FX prepaid travel card, your trip will be safe and convenient as well as a merry good time. Here are a few U.S. destinations where you'll not only find great gift shopping, but have a merry good time as well.

You Can't do An American Christmas Without the Lights

Fabulous arrays of Christmas lights are an American passion. Here's a list of some locations where your heart too will light up like Christmas.

Oglebay Park, West Virginia

The Oglebay Park Winter Festival of Lights in West Virginia is one of the most spectacular in the country. With over a million individual lights spread over 300 acres, you'll have enough Yuletide charm to last a lifetime. And you can use your prepaid travel cash card to purchase one of a kind gifts from the unique shops in the area.

Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

If you're coming to the United States capital, be sure and check out the brilliant light show at the Smithsonian National Zoo. It's a 500,000 LED light extravaganza, and along with the standard oohs and ahs, some of the animal exhibits are open as well. And when you're finished marveling at the pageantry, the great apes, and the reptiles, visit one of D.C's many shopping districts for everyone on your nice list this year.

Denver Botanic Gardens in Colorado

As if the snow-capped beauty of the Rocky Mountains wasn't enough, the light show at the Denver Botanic Gardens is truly the stuff of Christmas dreams. You'll walk a trail over a half mile long that's sparkling with joy and beauty. And it's all against a background of the American West's most exquisite plant life. But make sure to pack warm clothes and snow gear, because Colorado is one the coldest parts of the United States this time of year. It'll come in especially handy when you're grabbing up hard to find gifts in one of the country's biggest metropolitan shopping districts.

High End Christmas Shopping in The Land of The (Not so) Free

You'll put your prepaid dollar card to good use at these magnificent shopping destinations. You'll be especially grateful for its locked in currency exchange rate, especially if the pound fluctuates while you're away. And don't worry if your funds start to run out while you're having your high end spree. You can recharge our travel money cards online with a UK debit card whenever you like. In the meantime though, here are some of the most glamorous shopping destinations in The United States.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California

Where else could we start but the star-studded three blocks of Rodeo Drive? It's only the most prestigious shopping district in the world, and where you might see a dozen of Hollywood's most elite around Christmastime. With boutiques from Armani, Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, and all the rest, Rodeo Drive is the fashion capital of the world. Toss in jewelry from the likes of Tiffany and Cartier, and you can satisfy the top line of your friends' Christmas Wish List. Did we mention you can recharge your card online?

The Grove in Los Angeles

We'll stay in California for our next high-end shopping district, The Grove. Located near the historic Farmer's Market, the Grove is a fabulous complex of retail stores, restaurants, and a sprawling movie theater. It's not quite as pricey as Rodeo Drive, but with brands like Coach, MAC Cosmetics, and Barney's New York, the Grove draws almost as many celebrities as any of the strips in Beverly Hills.

Bloomingdale's Flagship Store In New York City

Last but certainly not least, we suggest you visit the venerable Bloomingdale's flagship store on Lexington Avenue. Say what you want about New Yorkers, but the Big Apple knows how to do Christmas right. And a big part of their tradition is Bloomingdale's. Although Bloomingdale's is known more for women's clothing, it's actually a luxury store where you can buy the latest fashion trends for everyone in the family. It belongs on the list on reputation alone. And although Bloomingdale's is less expensive than you might think, you'll still want to juice up your ACE-FX prepaid Mastercard before you go inside. You know, just in case.

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