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Great Britain Series - Episode 2: Irish Intrigue

The next stop on our whirlwind tour of the Great British delights: Ireland. The land of breathtaking landscapes, the birthplace of Oscar Wilde and the home of Guinness beer.

As the Irish say,  céad míle fáilte - a hundred thousand welcomes.

FUN FACT: The Irish consume on average 131.1 litres of beer per year - the second largest per capita excluding the Czech Republic.

Our Irish Highlights

  • Take in the breath-taking nature

The rumours are true: Ireland is simply stunning. In fact, there are so many must-sees it’s impossible to list them all here. If you do anything, make sure you visit Killarney (Ireland’s most beautiful national park), the dramatic wildness of Donegal, the majestic mountains of Mourne, the world-famous scenery of counties Kerry and Cork, and the celebrated Causeway Coast.

  • Drink beer at an Irish pub

There’s little more Irish than a pint of guinness at a local pub. Notorious for their beer-drinking, it would be sacramental to visit Ireland and not have a trip (or two) to the pub. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet some of the genuinely warm, friendly and welcoming locals and experience Ireland the Irish way. Stay long enough and they may burst out in song.

  • Experience Irish culture

Wherever you travel in Ireland, you will discover an abundance of cultural expression. The Irish summer is inundated with festivals celebrating everything from flowers to literature. Attend a play by a literary genius in Dublin, dance to traditional music in an Irish pub or learn basket weaving in County Galway.

  • Do some shopping on Dublin’s Grafton Street

A world-famous spot for shopping, wander Grafton Street, home to iconic Irish shops, eateries and museums and galleries. Grafton Street’s not just for shopping, and here you’ll find flower stalls, street performers and buskers aplenty!

  • Visit the majestic cliffs of Moher

Utterly magnificent and wild, the Moher cliffs star in countless Irish postcards. And with good reason! Stretching 8 kilometres along the Atlantic coast and rising in some places to 214 metres, take a walk down one of the trails to experience nature at its rawest and most beautiful.

  • Learn about Irish history

History is present everywhere you go in Ireland. From the ruins of Ireland’s rich monastic past in places such as Cashel and Glendalough, to the magnificent monuments of prehistoric Ireland at Bru na Boinne, to the sobering Kilmainham Gaol prison in Dublin.

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