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The New ACE-FX Prepaid Card

The way people are spending money abroad is changing all the time and we here at ACE-FX are doing our bit to keep one step ahead. Our team has been working hard on our brand new Prepaid Currency Card, which will be available in stores in the New Year. These new cards are a great way to ensure that the holiday money people purchase is safe, reliable, easily accessible and it still guarantees our great rates no matter where you go in the world.

Of course when people are looking to take money abroad for holiday or business having cash on them is still extremely useful for taxi fares, tips and other small purchases. However the tide seems to be turning and we have seen the demand for these new Prepaid Currency Cards increase over the last year or so.

Other ways to pay such as Travellers Cheques are outdated now, as the Currency Cards provide a much easier and practical way to carry the majority of your money abroad.

As of the New Year customers will be able to come in to one of our stores, upload money onto the card using our rates, and take it away with them straight away.  

Any transaction used with these cards abroad is free of charge, and if used to withdraw cash from an ATM there is a small fee from the supplier, but still pales in comparison with what the banks charge these days.

So look out for the new ACE-FX Prepaid Currency Card, in stores from early 2015. Feel free to ask in-store about them or check on our website to find out more.


European Union - Euro (EUR)
Euro (EUR)
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