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March Update: Prepaid Cards Now In Store

As of this week we are pleased to announce that the brand new ACE-FX Pre-Paid currency cards are available in store!

Up until now the only way to receive one of our cards was to order through our website and have it sent to your postal address. By having it in store ready to collect will save our customers a lot of time and generally make getting your holiday money easier.

By having one of our pre-paid cards you are still receiving our fantastic rates, but confined within the security of a card. Of course, it is a lot safer and easier to carry a card around than a bundle of cash and in this sense we are seeing cards like this being used as a replacement for traveller’s cheques etc.

For our Euro and US Dollar cards you are able to lock in our fantastic rates at the time of purchase.

For any other currency you can use our GBP sterling card, which automatically gives you our current rate of whatever country you are in when you use it. In many cases, i.e. South Africa, Morocco, India, etc you will actually receive a BETTER rate with the card than what we can offer in the shop. You can check for yourself exactly what the rates are – and a lot more information too - by clicking on the ‘Pre-Paid Card’ link on our homepage.

The new ACE-FX Prepaid cards are the revolutionary new way to carry your travel money abroad. Make sure you get yours by ordering now  and collecting in store today.

European Union - Euro (EUR)
Euro (EUR)
*Please note we do not accept 500 Euro notes and we do not accept any coins
*Please note we do not accept 1000 Swiss notes and we do not accept any coins
*Please note we do not accept coins