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February Getaways in Europe

With the sell rate for the Euro being at an 8 year high at the moment, the past week or two has obviously been quite busy for us here at ACE-FX. Some of our more organised customers have taken advantage of the current rate and purchased their Euros in preparation for the upcoming summer holiday season.  Of course, if you are as sure as them that the rate won’t increase even more then we recommend you do the same.

However, with the pound being so strong at the moment against a range of currencies across Europe, why wait until the summer to feel the benefit. A short break away to a more exotic location might be just what the doctor ordered after yet another predictably bleak British January, and with St Valentine’s Day around the corner this provides another excuse to see more of the old continent.

Old favourites such as Paris and Venice will always be high on anyone’s list of Romantic getaways, and rightly so, but Europe provides an array of ideal locations for a long weekend away.

For example, Prague is quickly becoming a popular destination due to its incredible architecture and charm. The labyrinth-like alley ways give a feeling that you are discovering it all yourself for the first time. Plus with a host of cafes, bars and restaurants to uncover at a relatively cheap price compared to Paris, the Czech capital is sure to be a hit for anyone planning a last minute break.

Other European cities such as Budapest and Vienna are also proving to be popular amongst people looking to escape the over-priced and over-crowded tourist traps that some of the more traditional romantic destinations have become. In Budapest, the Danube River which runs right through the heart of the city provides the perfect

 back drop to the many river side restaurants in the evening. By day, a trip to one of the cities many Spas are a great way to relax.

The old city of Vienna oozes tradition and class. From the Royal Palaces, horse carriages and opera it feels like a fairy tale frozen in time. Besides, if all else fails, the ice cream and chocolate are fantastic anyway!

I could go on, but hopefully I’ve provided enough here to show that Europe provides so much more and is still yet to be discovered by so many of us.

With the pound being so strong, now is the perfect time to explore some of its hidden gems.


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