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Beat The Online Bandits: ACE-FX PrePaid Card

Since the introduction of our PrePaid cards in all of our stores and by postal delivery, they have proven to be extremely popular with our customers as we expected. Despite this, we are always looking for ways to improve the quality and security that the cards are designed to guarantee.

There is little doubt that one of the key reasons for getting one of our cards in the first place is because of the security they provide. With older techniques such as Travellers Cheques fast becoming an outdated way of carrying holiday money, many bureaus, including us, won’t even accept these anymore! PrePaid cards are fast becoming the norm. They are easier to use, conveniently sized, and more secure.

But there is also another reason why people are using our cards and it is not always to use abroad. With the recent declaration that over £2.2 million worth of people’s money goes missing everyday due to online fraud, scams, cons and general foul play. Unfortunately these internet bandits are a part of our everyday life now, and due to their anonymity are difficult to trace and dispel.

With our ACE-FX PrePaid Global Currency Card, people are able to create a barrier between the bandits and the banks. Instead of risking your own bank account details and the money held within, you can use our card to carry out any online orders, use it in shops or to withdraw cash. By transferring the amount of money you need onto the PrePaid card you are basically creating a safe holding account for each transaction. By registering your card to our website, this will take no longer than a couple of minutes to do.  It’s as simple as that. This means there is no way for your actual bank details to be cloned, forged, or used in any other way except for your own needs. Don’t let your money be used by anyone else!

And of course, you are still able to use the ACE-FX PrePaid Card around the world too.

The way people are spending money is changing. Here at ACE-FX we are ensuring that our customers are staying one step ahead of the online criminals.

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