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5 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Europe

Are you ready to pop the question? If you want to make this day truly magical for you and your soulmate, then you must plan everything in detail. The right choice of ring and the place to ask for your beloved’s hand are crucial! Today, we are talking about 5 romantic places to propose in Europe.

Don’t worry if you are tight on budget. Getting down on one knee in some of the following destinations won’t ruin your finances but even help you save up some money for the big day.

1.    Barcelona

Although a touristy attraction, Barcelona is a lovely proposal destination. Golden sand beaches and charming narrow streets spread the thrill of romance all around. If you want this to be a full-package, 5-star engagement, you would need to spend about £223 per one night stay and an extra £164 if you want to wine and dine at the same place.

A budget-friendly alternative of staying out of the city centre will double down the prices and taxis are amazingly cheap as well!

2.    Vienna

Ancient architecture with a dash of the modern world, Vienna might be the iconic spot you are looking for. Escape the queues and constant crowds and explore the deeply buried locale. You’ll know how to tell when the right moment comes.

A one-night stay in a 5-star hotel in the centre of Vienna costs around £300 while a meal at a 5-star restaurant starts around £100.

3.    Prague

Here comes one of the budget-friendly, yet still loveable proposal destinations – Prague. It offers countless romantic, vibrant or peaceful spots where you can pop the question.

Most affordable on our list, you can find stays at a 5-star hotel in Prague for around £150 and a yummy 5-course meal at £120. Prague is definitely the best to explore on foot although getting around with a taxi won’t cost you more than £12 per hour.

4.    Venice

Car-free, blissfully wonderful, romantic – the centre of Venice is an ideal place to make a proposal. You can even fire the question on a gondola!

On the other hand, get ready to spend some extra money if you want to propose in the idyllic Venice as it is one of the most-visited touristy locations. Starting at around £372 per one night stay, the very center of the Queen of the seas is a bit expensive. Yet, a meal at a 5-star restaurant is still quite reasonable - £138.

5.    Paris

Some of you might think asking for your beloved one’s hand in Paris is a cliché, what would be a better destination to get down on your knee than in the city of love?

However, a stay in the most romantic destination costs £758 per night at a 5-star hotel and meals start at £320 per person. Maybe you will feel like have been ripped off, but you simply can’t miss out when it comes to this choice of destination.


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