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The ACE-FX Australia Travel Guide P.3: Southern Australia

We’ve been North, we’ve been East... next stop on our Australian tour is Southern Australia. The place to unwind, relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

The driest state on an extremely dry continent, Southern Australia makes up for its climate with an emphasis on the finer things in life. Beautiful landscapes, delightful food and, of course, some very fine wine.

With countless world-famous wine regions hidden within this fruitful land, including Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and Coonawarra, there are multiple opportunities to get your taste buds tingling on a tour of Southern Australia.

The ACE-FX Southern Australia highlights

  • Adelaide

Adelaide is South Australia’s buzzing coastal capital. With a number of colonial buildings, churches and museums, and an equal number of pubs and restaurants, there’s entertainment for to suit all tastes.

Adelaide has a vibrant music and arts culture, and the annual Adelaide Festival is a highlight that draws locals and travellers to the city each year.

  • Kangaroo Island

Take things at a slower-pace on Kangaroo island, Australia’s third largest island. Over a third of the island is protected in nature reserves; carpeted in dense, lush rainforest, Kangaroo Island is home to a wide array of wildlife. Dolphins, exotic birds, sea lions, koalas, and, of course, kangaroos, all call this haven home.

  • Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast, stretching along southeastern SA, is a mystical place of blue lagoons, limestone caves and sequestered bays. Snorkel the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lake, explore the underground oasis of Umpherston Sinkhole and visit the Ewens Ponds Conservation Park.

As with the majority of Southern Australia, finish the trip with a visit to a wine tour in one of the country’s finest regions.

  • Flinders Ranges

The ancient Flinders Ranges are one of Australia’s natural wonders. Here, you can witness the full spectrum of colours as dawn turns to turns to dusk on the range.

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Flinders were cherished by the Adnyamathanha peoples for their red ochre deposits, which were used in medicines and rituals. Sacred caves, rock paintings and carvings can be found all across the region.

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